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If you want to see everything in Saint-Petersburg — you should stay longer. Even a month might not be enough as you won’t see all of the hidden treasures of the city. It was built as an Imperial Capital and it is still living in those times sometimes. It has more museums than Rome, Paris and Amsterdam, more theatres than Berlin and the historical centre of the city is one of the biggest UNESCO objects.

To experience the best sightseeing in Saint-Petersburg be ready to walk a lot, don’t forget your umbrella and never trust the weather broadcast. It is better to read about the city before coming, but still you will miss something for sure and finally decide to come back.

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The second after Louvre

It was the biggest museum of the Russian Empire and one of the most famous museums of the Old World. The museum complex includes the Winter Palace, where Russian Emperors have lived.

You should check out: The Military Gallery, “Madonna Littla” by Leonadro da Vinci, “Danaë” by Rembrandt, “The Dance” by Henri Matisse.

Free for students (with a Student ID).

One full price ticket:

600 RUB

Saint Isaac Cathedral

The rooftop view

The construction of this church took 40 years. During the Siege of Leningrad the church was damaged by Nazi bombs and you can still see traces from those on it. The view on the city from the top, is probably the most common rooftop picture of St. Petersburg on Instagram. From here you can see how big Saint-Petersburg actually is.

Alternative rooftop view: Loft Project ETAGI, for free from 7 to 9 am on weekdays.

One ticket:

150 RUB

The Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood

This is not the St. Basil in Moscow

Another symbol of the city — the church, which tourists usually mistake with the St. Basil in Moscow (which is much older). It is the peak point of the neo-russian style during the rule of Alexander III — the church is a memorial in memory of Alexander II, as it was built on the exact place his father was hit by a bomb dropped by the terrorist group “Narodnaya Volya”.

The money for the church was collected by people from every corner of the Russian Empire. The best craftsman of the country created the mosaics for the church. Now it is a museum and probably you could name it a museum of Russian mosaic. When the country decided to repair the church they put it in scaffolding for almost all the 80s. An Urban legend says that the people of Leningrad used to say that the Soviet Union will fall when the church will be free of scaffoldings. They were removed in 1991…

Advise: Carefully choose the time when to visit, after 6pm it costs more. Also when it’s rainy and everyone is eating you won’t stay long in line.

One ticket:

250 RUB

Peter and Paul Fortess

This is where it all started

The “Russian Bastille”; is the place, where the bones of all of Russian Emperors rest in peace. The 6-bastions Swedish-shape fortress is the symbol of the city. It is located on the Rabbit island (the name and the land have Finnish roots). It is the very first building of the city and this is where the city started.

Pushkin called Saint-Petersburg the “Window to Europe”;. Probably the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress is the best place to look through that window. Try to go there in the evening and on the beach you will have an amazing view on the city, a Russian Europe. With his cobblestone the inner yard of the Fortress can be called the “Old City” of Saint-Petersburg.

Advise: Don’t forget to drop a coin hitting the rabbit Arseniy, it makes you lucky. Bring your sun-lotion with you during winter, as it is also a famous solarium in Saint Petersburg.

Ticket to Peter and Paul Cathedral and Grand Ducal Burial Chapel:

450 RUB


The baroque Disneyland

park with beautiful palaces, fountains and gardens, where you might feel like a king. This, you could compare with Versailles.

Advise: It is better to visit Peterhof on weekdays than on the weekend. Don’t forget to check the wheather forecast before though.

One ticket:

700 RUB