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Things to do

How not to be bored in Saint-Petersburg

It is hard to get bored in Saint Petersburg even if you don’t speak Russian. It is a big city in which different people find different things to do. The only reason for getting bored would be depression, which you could get because of the weather and when reading too much Dostoevsky. Even if depression hits you, don’t worry the city’s nightlife will bring you back to life.

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Traditional donuts back from Soviet times

Saint-Petersburg has its own donut, which is called “pyshka”. It is extremly cheap and quite small. Therefore you should better take 5 at once. They are awesome with a cup of coffee or tea. The oldest “Pyshechnaya” on Bolshaya Konyushennaya street is working from 1958.

Advise: If you want to visit the oldest “pyshechnaya”, you better do it on weekdays, as on the weekend you’re probably going to stand in line for hours.

One "pyshka":

13 RUB

Swan Lake

During summer - almost every day

Some versions of Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece are playing almost every day during the summer in different theaters in the city. If you don’t know much about ballet — just choose by location. The most good-looking theaters in the city are Mariinsky and Alexandrinsky.

Advise: Buy the tickets online and in advance..

One ticket:

1000 RUB

FC Zenith

One city - one team

People may say that football in Russia doesn’t exist, some of them find it quite slow. Anyway FC Zenith is another symbol of the city and the only team from Saint-Petersburg, which is playing in the Russian Premier-league and even in the Champions League from time to time. They are playing at the Soviet stadium in the heart of the city located close to Peter and Paul, which makes it another fortress at the Neva river.

Fans of FC Zenith are also fans of the city, they shout “Hero City Leningrad” and “This is the capital city, this is the best club, this is our Zenith, this is Petersburg”.

Advise: Google what to shout before the football match and you’ll enjoy the atmosphere more on the tribunes. For example check out these hymn.

Average ticket:

3200 RUB


One of the best Russian theatres. With subtitles.

The names of the actors playing in the MDT are famous also outside Russia: Kseniya Rappoport (fans of Italian cinema know her name), Elizaveta Boyarskaya (you might have seen her as the nurse in “Downfall”) and Danila Kozlovsky (the evil guy from Hardcore Henry). It is an old-fashioned theatre, where you can enjoy brilliant versions of the Russian classics, like for example Chechov.

It is subtitled in English. That means, you can enjoy it even if you don’t speak Russian!

Advise: Buy tickets in advance and check if subtitles are available. Plays with famous actors might cost a fortune.

Average ticket:

1200 RUB

Roofs of Saint-Petersburg

Another point of view

The roofs of Saint-Petersburg are a parallel universe, full of romance and their own stories. It can be dangerous and not very legal, but there are tours on the roofs of the city.

If you want to stay safe — check out restaurants with rooftop terraces. Food or coffee there could be bad, but the view is worth it. We hope, that someday the city will figure out how to make this secret beauty more available for common people.

Average tour:

500 RUB