Welcome to Saint-Petersburg - 'cause it's cheap now - Transport

Transport in Saint-Petersburg

You can afford a limo if you want

Saint-Petersburg is very big. There are two islands in the city, each of them can be compared to an average European city by size. Like all the citizens of big urban areas, Saint-Petersburgers usually spend an hour or more in the transport on their way to work or simply to the city centre.

There are: 5 metro lines, around 38 tram routes, 41 trolley route, more than 300 bus routes and more than 350 routes for “Marshrutkas” ;. The metro system is one of the busiest in the world.

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Metro ticket

Impressive palaces underground!

The metro in Leningrad was a Soviet project and was originally build also as a bomb-shelter. Today, you can enjoy a ride wall-to-wall to other people and see stations, which look exactly like the halls of famous palaces.

You should visit: “Avtovo”, “Ploshchad Vosstaniya”.

One ride:

35 RUB


Cheaper than buying a car

Taxis are usually quite expensive. The rest of the world forbid cheap Taxi-Apps to make taxi business more competitive and fair. Well, in Russia there are taxis that are even cheaper than Uber.

You should use: Uber, Rutaxi, 6-000-000.

Advise: It is better to call a taxi via an App, than calling one simply from the street.

Average ride:

250 RUB


Don’t call them “Teshka”

Marshrutka is a private bus or mini-bus. There are no specific stop signs, but you can get out wherever you want. You just need to learn how to communicate with the driver by shouting out loud the place you want to stop at. The remarkable letter “K” in front of the line number signals you that the vehicle coming your way is a “marshrutka”. Sometimes waiting for the public bus can last hours, which is why people are using marshrutkas.

Often you will have the feeling that the driver is “Fast and Furious”, but don’t worry it definitely adds up to your Russian experience. You will see the driver arguing on the phone, while driving and collecting money at the same time.

Advise: Don’t call them “teshka” in Saint Petersburg, that word is only being used by people from Moscow. Check out marshrutka routes here (use it with google translate).

Average ride:

40 RUB

Take a boat trip

That's what tourists do

The water transport here isn’t really a city transport like in Istanbul. But we are sure, that Peter The Great thought that the city would look the best, when looking at it sitting on a boat. You should check it out, agree or disagree with him.

You should watch before: music video “White Night” by DDT.

Advise: Check the websites of boat trip companies for prices.

Average ride:

700 RUB


The worst city in Russia according to Petersburgians

If you get tired of the beauty of Saint-Petersburg you could go to Moscow by train. Buy a “Platzcart” — sleep next to many different people and enjoy the smell of their socks. Even though Peterburgians say they don’t like Moscow, we think it’s worth a visit, especially to get another impression of Russia.

Advise: Buy the train tickets beforehand.

Train ticket:

1200 RUB